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The Lyre of Terpsichore
Instrumental & Vocal Music 1550-1650

Works by Sermisy, Lassus, Scheidt, Weckmann, Cima, Marini & Merula 

performed by the Fons Partita Ensemble based at the Dome Arts Retreat directed by John Reid Coulter

Etienne Rousseau Theatre
Sunday 27 February 2022. 14:00
Buy tickets via WhatsApp: 0632175147
Tickets R150

Who was Terpsichore? She was one of the muses in Greek mythology who inspired creativity in dancers, poets and musicians. She is the fitting inspiration for the title of our programme which has many hidden links between all the art forms. 
Music from the past always has a somewhat seductive aura. The sounds of instruments that belong to a different era can transport the listener to another world that is refreshingly different to our own. The changes during this time shook the foundations of all the arts, not only music. It became a crucible for new ideas that held sway for more than three centuries. Many of these composers are not well known today. This is largely due to the convenient ranking of composers against giants from this era such as Monteverdi, Bach and Handel.

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