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SUNDAY, MAY 8, 2022 AT 2 PM – 3:30 PM
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Event Details

WGRUV Dance International

Join WGRUV Dance International for their debut performance of PHETOGO!

This versatile dance palate will feature a new collaborative neo-classical ballet in 3 movements, ‘Shades of Blue’ and a classical contemporary ballet, a restaging of ‘Solo In 9 Parts’ by a world-renown choreographer Jessica Lang. Audiences will also enjoy a change in style by appreciating ‘Rhythms’, a classical contemporary work by Holly Gruver, and ‘Unsquared’ by Tyler Gilstrap. WGRUV will highlight their partnership with Carli Olivier through an original Contemporary Spanish piece, ‘SAND’ by Holly Gruver and Carli Olivier. 

History of WGRUV: 
WGRUV (Est. 2022) was born out of a love for classical work and technique. The Company!s inspiration embraces a new vision for dance: one which champions the techniques and masters of the past while embracing the innovative creations of future art. The founder and faculty collectively maintain decades of professional experience on all fronts of the global dance world, and their common vision and values make them stronger together. 

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